Sensertek science and technology independent research and development of SIS retail control loss management platform to traditional security system as the foundation, use SIS integrated platform hardware system realize the traditional safety system of physical level linkage, relying on SIS platform software system for retail stores security active defense and real-time alarm overall supervision, to retail stores goods and customers with more safety environment, prevent the happening of the stolen inside and outside, to reduce the consumption, reduce the occurrence of accidents and mistakes, for retail enterprises to provide real and comprehensive security integration solutions.

Platform module introduction

Electronic map monitoring;
Real-time version POSDOG;
Electronic alarm system monitoring linkage;
Online patrolling system;
Monitor system, intrusion alarm system real time state detection;
Headquarters control center network level management;
Comprehensive statement analysis;
Sales promotion member management system;
System Settings and help;

Work mode introduction

Real-time version POSDOG, branch service, branch client, database in branch installation;
Headquarters service, headquarters client, database in headquarters installation;
Branch service acquisition all monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, electronic goods anti-theft system, the female line supervision and management system hardware alarm signal,
Analysis processing, write database and real-time upload headquarters the server.
Users can to branch client and headquarters client real-time detection hardware related alarm information;
Branch processing related alarm, real-time uploaded to submit after headquarters, the headquarters can be real-time monitoring process information;
The network more daily timing analysis patrolling data and upload to headquarters the server.
Headquarters client detectable tour more relevant information;
Promotions specialist information can be Shared all branch, avoid blacklist promotions specialist repeat approach work;
Real-time version POSDOG can background real-time monitoring each cashier work action, real-time see related commodity information, statements.