1. POGSDOG cashier supervision system and the traditional monitoring system, is there any difference?

Answer: the traditional security supervision system is macro, qualitative image supervision, can only see the supermarket cashier have scanning action, and could not determine whether the goods by computer actual entry; POSDOG cashier supervision system is microscopic, quantitative comprehensive supervision, is IT technology and commercial POS system perfect combination, and has strong data management function, the actual transaction process video and POS transaction data one-to-one correspondence, can be clear at a glance to determine whether the goods scanning by computer actual entry.

2. We use computer slip control supervision and video, can also supervise cashier operation?

Answer: yes, indeed! It's like calculators and computers, calculator can complete a simple calculation work, and the computer can run complex computer program. Our cashier supervision system will be arduous time-consuming manual operation to rise to computer management, with the modern technology complete more complex work, not only improve the work efficiency, more improved the quality of work.

3. Leak scanning belongs to the small probability event, our management is very strict, I'm afraid I don't use this system?

Answer: according to 2002 statistics analysis, the world retail goods loss every year as high as $160 billion; In China, the number is as high as 25 billion yuan RMB. The latest statistics show that the American chamber of commerce, employees in the United States is the largest stolen of ratio of loss type. Nearly a third of the retail enterprise is due within employees stolen and declared bankrupt. Commercial loss of 70% from the enterprise internal, of which 40% occurred in the cashier's.

4. Our staff quality is very good, the basic no stealing, I'm afraid I don't use this system?

Answer: research has shown that 30% of workers are bound to or have been in the company steal, and 30% of workers in appropriate circumstances will steal, which means only the rest of the 40% of workers is worth retail owner of the trust. We got our system of Chinese stores and supermarkets actual survey found that: the cashier link main loss is not employee theft, the main loss from work careless and irresponsible and cause commodity leak scanning (not intentional behavior). We use our supermarket cashier supervision system survey found, suspected of internal and external collusion, embezzlement deliberate theft behavior only 30%, but due to negligence leak scanning as high as 70%.

Spouse unemployment, family suffer from serious illness, staining the habit, and saw other employees steal goods and has not been found, and the living environment change and so on can make employee theft.

Poor management, lack of sleep, the mood is not good, the job is busy all can cause work negligence.

5. POSDOG cashier supervision system will not affect our normal operations of POS system?

Answer: no. Because our the cashier supervision system is an independent operation, do not need and POS system have any hardware connection.

6. Use POSDOG cashier supervision system, every day to check transaction single, can the workload too big?

Answer: POSDOG cashier supervision system according to the principle of statistics to establish a standard mathematical model, through our system provides the random retrieval and random management function, every day only need to see a small amount of transaction single can guarantee a very high cashier percent of pass. And the longer the use cycle, the greater the base, and the results more accurate, like casino boss is always a winner, because of gambling game itself also accord with the mathematical statistical rule. At the same time, the system can also according to key the cashier, key period and key commodities through key database retrieval supervision.

7. POSDOG cashier supervision system training function and deterrent force is how to achieve?

Answer: POSDOG cashier supervision system is an important function index, query function, it can will be a cashier operation standard and fast the cashier's cashier process made it into teaching video training other employees, can also will cashier error more cashier process made negative materials alert other employees warning.