Closed circuit television monitoring system can provide some important area close observation, monitoring and control. System comply with the relevant state technical specifications. General in the system should be set television camera, in order to achieve all-round monitoring. The system's major equipment should configure TV monitor, delay video recorder and pictures processor, etc., the user can be turned to see any one of the pictures and the remote control operating any one have function of remote control the camera haeundae and zoom function.

Closed-circuit monitoring system is the main component of: an image of the camera or imaging device, image transmission and control equipment, image processing and display equipment. Closed circuit television monitoring system of the technical requirements are: the camera resolution, the system of transmission bandwidth, video signal signal-to-noise ratio, TV signal system, video camera to achieve high quality and the function of the operation system, and each part of environmental adaptation degree. Red apple can according to user requirements, choose the right system configuration, the system can meet your various needs.

Indoor/external yuntai: have yuntai all the function outside, it has the waterproof, explosion-proof function

Color video camera: mounted installation, applicable to all occasions, it has the waterproof, explosion-proof function

Monitor: used for image display color camera video screen

Sequential switching system: in a monitor in turn on switch display multiple camera image, can be the focus of the switch screen display, switch time can be adjusted. Even if the camera quantity increase, monitor don't increase, this system can save personnel cost, the system economy is applicable.

Digital division system: a monitor picture much division at the same time shows two to 32 camera image, only one person can at the same time more than surveillance place of the site condition. All camera image can be programming group, or switching in 1 high-definition monitor, timely segmentation display, also can free switching selection in order to four separate displays or sets a division or 16 segmentation etc displays a status. For example system of camera image into a 16 image processor, and by one or many sets of 24 hours of video recorder, only need to ordinary 180 minutes video is real-time video, video can replay; Or use hard disk video recorder images stored in the computer.

Remote operation camera amplification system: rotate yuntai color 16 times zoom camera, through the system control keyboard operation, realize camera image from up and down, left and right sides is rotating scanning, the camera haeundae steering, lens focal length, lens aperture of remote remote control, remote capture the panoramic view of the object, and the details of the enlarged. Closed circuit television monitoring system USES is quite widespread, is the most effective one of safety facilities. It can be used in the hospital medicine, observing a number of the patient's condition; Used for traffic center, monitoring expressway, port or subway traffic flow; Used for school, ensuring the students sports safety, etc.; Used for commercial center, bank, storage warehouse of supervision and management, as well as in dangerous environment of monitoring.

For the closed circuit television monitoring system, according to each part of the system the function different, we will be the whole closed circuit television monitoring system is divided into seven layer - performance layer, control layer, processing layer, the transport layer, directors, support layer, acquisition layer. Of course, since the equipment integration more and more high, for part of the system concerned, some equipment may at the same time with multiple layer identity exist in the system.