Pos Supervising

POSDOG cashier supervision system USES advanced computer multimedia technology, digital video technology and network technology, through to the cashier channel personnel flow, the flow of goods and transaction process of video, extraction from checkout time, order, fixed point, personal, and set the content of all-round video image, and and transaction data contrast verification, so as to accurately determine whether have commodities from abnormal channel outflow store cashier.

POSDOG cashier supervision system is first - wuhan science and technology specialized retail cashier link commodity loss and the development of a set of supermarket loss prevention system. The system in order to satisfy commercial retail industries to cashier operation of the strict monitoring, regulating the cashier management, plugging loopholes in management, set many years business loss prevention experience and combining with the advanced IT technology and retail enterprise itself use commercial POS system, introduced to cashier link and implement the timing, fixed point, personal, and set the content of all-round monitoring POSDOG cashier supervision system, fully put an end to cashier link commodity loss of the three sources.

POSDOG cashier supervision system can completely record the preset time (24 hours or business time) all cash register or the cashier work condition, at any time to observe and record each cashier channel after all goods; And according to the date, time, sales serial number, the cashier's number, the cashier number positioning search the corresponding single number and the video file to compare, check cashier error (such as leak scanning, repeat scanning, etc.), or key check a cash register or a suspicious the cashier in a certain period of time all cashier process; According to the supermarket counting result, in allusion to the key commodity (such as loss of large quantities of the goods or the inventory of the goods) through the name of commodity retrieval all sales of this commodity is a single number and video files to compare, the verification of commodities in all time when the cashier scanning condition.