Sensertek sound magnetic electronic products anti-theft system advantage

1、Almost correct report
2、The highest detection rate...
3、Close to 100% (+)
4、Between two bearing the most width can reach 2.4 meters
5、Less influence by metal shielding
6、100% reliable degaussing
7、From aluminium foil, most of the metal and the influence of liquid
8、Can work together with metal shopping cart
9、Provide convenient source label protection

Sensertek sound magnetic technology development so far (1988-2011) have gone through four generations products

The first generation: simulation technology: adopt simulation technology

The second generation: the simulation technology to the DSP technology excessive: analog and digital mixed

The third generation: intelligent digital technology, digital technology, software drive

The fourth generation: multi-function digital technology: and people statistical functions, intelligent EAS technology, metal detection technology integration

Sensertek sound magnetic anti-theft system structure