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Carrefour to enter the Chinese two three line city again pull prelude taiyuan first store welcome


From last year, xian, jiaozuo, dalian, foshan, carrefour supermarkets have to close, jiangsu, kunming, zhuhai and other regions and heavy pull open a shop prologue, in this year opened in succession. On November 1, morning, the first store in taiyuan, Shanxi Province chaoyang shop welcome to open the door.
At the beginning of the second half of 2010 so far, carrefour dalian xinhua oasis shop, xian gurry shop, henan jiaozuo shop, foshan GuTianXia shop because of poor management of closure in succession, in less than a year of time, carrefour in mainland China for close four two three line city stores, this is carrefour to enter the Chinese market for 15 years never happened thing.
Carrefour general manager of north China build a Wallace said, carrefour in China market always paid attention to the development speed and quality of balance, the future will also continued health to enter the Chinese market, will not blindly blindly to open new stores, is expected in the next three to four years, stores in China will reach 300.
Carrefour general manager of north China build a Wallace when accepting a reporter to interview, said he and shanxi have long become attached to, he has been in shanxi through six cities, are now and for the four urban talk about cooperation, in taiyuan city also more than the shop, changfeng shop will be opened this month. In addition, in recent years a certain will open a new store in shanxi.
Building a Wallace is introduced, carrefour is the implementation of the "fruits and vegetables trade" project, through the "agricultural super butt" will be China's agricultural products (000061) into the global procurement system. This docking way advantage lies in the supply and demand meet directly, reduce the intermediate circulation link cost. Saving part part cost for improve on farmers of acquisition, the other part can also by a price cut form returned to consumers, supermarket and therefore can increase passenger, improve sales, so as to realize peasant household, supermarket, consumers tripartite win-win.
So far, the company has already and mainland China more than 300 farmers cooperatives to carry out cooperation, the total amount of purchase more than 600 million yuan, involving more than 730000 farmers. The shanxi has signed a lot of cooperatives, shanxi Fuji apple is signing one of the family, I believe that soon shanxi apple can will through the "agricultural super butt" the channel into Europe.
Carrefour was founded in 1959, is Europe's first, the world's second largest transnational retail chain group, is currently in the global operations than 15000 operating retail unit. Among them more than 50 cities in China to open nearly hundred large-scale comprehensive supermarket.