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Metro: in 2012 for the wuhan new open a shop


Metro (metro) is often called the "metro supermarket", is the second largest in Germany, Europe, the world's third retail wholesale supermarket group, in metro and WanKeLong (only for European) brand the company now owns several metro cash-and-carry market, it was the German dax stock index of component company, one of the world's top 500, branch in 30 countries. By otto, worship, haim (otto beisheim) to create, the headquarters is located in Dusseldorf.
Metro (metro) in the form of retail for the general consumers to provide "one-stop shopping" service, and set up the supermarket.
According to relevant personage revealed: metro plan in 2011 in global new store 110, in addition, to 2015 metro in China under the cash-and-carry mall will in the present 49 based on home double. Among them, the central region the future will develop 100 stores.
Relevant personage says, metro planning the next two years in wuhan expand two shop, in 2012 to develop home 1. The wuhan key development area is the wuchang and hanyang.