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Brigitte colour dress appearance "13th China chain exhibition"


On November 4-6, 13th China chains meeting, 13th China chain exhibition in changsha city in hunan province held smoothly. This is China's largest retail, authority is the strongest, forward-looking exhibition activities, has become many retailers, suppliers and consulting institutions of exchanges and cooperation an important platform.
This year's activities from the aspects of data to see, has become China's largest, product types of the most complete, most exhibitors, clinch a deal the effect best retail event. More than 400 clients from both at home and abroad gathers, nearly 1300 international standard booths, from retail, commercial equipment, IT technology and commodities, etc. In the three days of the exhibition time, they are displayed new concepts, new technology and new products for retailers to tailor each kind of solution.
Brigitte color China with 72 square meters of specially decorated stands, dress at the exhibition. Joint exhibition retail theme, green color booth adopted the new design concept, into the supermarket application scenarios, booth will be divided into distribution center, frozen food, fresh food, fruit and vegetable food and bulk food five subject area. The audience came to brigitte color booth, copy is like place oneself a supermarket site, can be very intuitively felt brigitte color product function and application.
This exhibition on display mainly the green color two big series of products, retail weighing products and food processing machinery. This year China's listed in the new product of SCII system type electronic scale is the key exhibited weighing products, have a wide range of weighing applications, also equipped with the latest communication technology high-performance processor, from the keyboard layout to software module extension all can personalize setting. The green color of food processing machinery, including slicer, saw bone machine and tender meat machine also attracted many customers onlookers, green color technical personnel at the scene demonstrates the process of processed foods, from Germany for their exquisite amazing.
What is worth mentioning, this exhibition also ushered in the green color Germany headquarters management a line of three people, including the chairman and chief executive officer and global retail sales director. Along with the green color in China's continuous exploration and development, the Chinese market more and more get the attention of management headquarters. The visit exhibition, is management field to understand China's market environment, understand the industry development present situation and the customer demand is important one annulus.
Brigitte color the European one hundred brand, looking forward to the future in China the constant development and expansion.