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Suitable abundant test the waters retail: building for its convenience store network


In shenzhen 7-11 not long ago hang out s.f "authorized DaiBanDian" sign, the largest private express company recently again alliance guangzhou eight word chain convenience store, trying to retail enterprise network scale sprint express industry "the last one kilometer" delivery service.
Except with the aid of the third party channel, s.f recent are planning to build their own convenience store network, quasi cross-border set foot in retail industry. At present the first more than 20 "motion" convenience stores have been put into operation in shenzhen, guangzhou after six self-built stores early next year is expected to end in the opening. Nearly motion of top people familiar with the matter said to reporters, suitable abundant goal is to plan in domestic construction 1000 such outlets.

The third party test hand in hand wheel
This year October 16, s.f and 7 to 11 guangdong authorized FangGuangDong "one convenient point co., LTD., cooperation in shenzhen took the lead in exposure. It is reported, 7-11 in shenzhen has more than 100 stores, most of which become s.f "authorized DaiBanDian" "select cooperation motion object is the premise of retail outlets.
S.f in guangzhou partner finally chose to guangzhou eight word chain convenience store, the cooperation of both sides already from December 1st. The motion of the eight words cooperation convenience store there are 48 to package is given priority to. As we have learned, in convenience stores send a, 1 kg motion city a charge for 9 yuan, a province for 11 yuan. And motion speed shipping standard express, compared to send a convenience store the city first heavy cheap 3 yuan, a province first heavy cheap 2 yuan
"Downwind test the waters of the new cooperation mode, so as to expand business channels, this is local express industry try with third party network channel cooperation to a new stage of development. China express network chief adviser XuYong said. According to the motion has, the shenzhen, guangzhou convenience store pilot, will consider extended to other areas. By the end of the year, motion also plans and vanguard supermarket, thyme minister a convenience store, and cooperation, introduce more send a service point.
Operating convenience store direct control of the channel
And retail enterprise to, not only can realize the integration of human resources, reduce the cost, but also can enlarge network, increase market share small package. But so far, this kind of cooperation just s.f expand send receipt network start, direct master channel resources is the ultimate goal of motion.
Reporters recently learned that, this company in shenzhen opened more than 20 "motion" for the brand of convenience stores, in addition to the terminal receipt the function, but also increased the commodity retail business, etc. This is the online mall outside, to express as its main business for the first time the motion in the retail business entity. "Increase receipt site only for convenient to take a, send a customer, all business or to express for center." Motion speed luck brand management director to the media HuoXiaoNing such explanation.
"S.f receipt to each member of 5000 yuan monthly salary calculation, an area to embrace a artificial cost not low." With suitable abundant contact close people told reporters, open a entity convenience store, rent, water and electricity cost in the controllable range, but can achieve 365 days a year 24 hours of uninterrupted send a service, whether to send a way or send a time are quite flexible. At the same time, business and retail business not only can share the suitable abundant express distribution resources reduce cost, but also to a certain extent, can add to the entity of store operation cost.
According to its revealed that suitable abundant business company has was founded and registered at present also is applying for wine and tobacco and business permit "guangzhou self-supporting and motion between the end of convenience stores early next year will also practice, their goal is to plan in domestic construction 1000 such store."
Small package of prospects and market risk
In fact, in Japan and China Taiwan, express company and convenience stores across the world have precedent. According to the Shanghai 7-11 stores project director LiGuHao revealed that unify the super business license in Taiwan business 4800 7-11 use black cat home JiBian, is a unified group and Japan yamato transport company jointly established unified express operation. And the reporter understands that, at present the black cat home JiBian brand in Taiwan small parcel market share 37% of the market, of which the main business focus B2C and C2C market, business and ratio for every year revenue can achieve 4 billion yuan nt $.
However, despite earlier successful experience, but in retail people, it seems, cross-boundary motion still have urgent need to resolve problems. "Convenience stores have fixed profit model, while engaged in retail, but the test is business to product procurement, the allocation of resources and the background of the integration of the supply chain. A foreign convenience store Marketing Department, said an official with the express company although have logistics advantages, but always just the retail a link, want to get through the whole supply chain still faces problems across the world.
And a convenience store area is not large, storage package limited space, the receipt and distribution of turnover frequency demanding. XuYong also remind, domestic small parcel market is still in the net is given priority to, and consumers are still used to express company at a low price in the choice, market segments remains to be cultivation. So far, the new channel mode is more suitable for international business or go high-end route express enterprise.