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ZhongBai department: in wuhan HuangBei square


After the 2010 world giant retailers wal-mart stores HuangBei success in 2011, after years of a listed company ZhongBai department store in strong, will create the first HuangBei upscale department store, lead HuangBei into high-end consumption era, open HuangBei high-end commercial era.
ZhongBai group is a large Chinese business listed company, the ministry of commerce cultivate national 20 business enterprise one of the. ZhongBai department is wuhan ZhongBai group subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary, is the first company in wuhan standardized chain store company, ZhongBai group for creating one hundred wuhan strength brand enterprise, investment of 180 million to build high-grade department store experience store, step out of the realization of the goal in one hundred strong step.
High-end brand polymerization high-end spending power
With the ZhongBai assigned, HuangBei square high-end consumption layers are formed. High-end consumption, acme the forefront of fashion goods, meticulous aristocratic service is will HuangBei city priority gathered here. Form new city priority forces.
ZhongBai department corporate, will not only fill the blank of HuangBei no department, more and HuangBei square to altogether builds high-end consumption place, make HuangBei consumption structure upgrade. Along with the HuangBei square of continuous peatlands and supporting facilities are continuously upgrade, HuangBei square will gather more elite crowd, become the largest HuangBei high-end community.
And consumption pattern further upgrade will also make business circle further upgrades, more and more mature high-end business circle formation after, HuangBei plaza shops investment value will be increasingly to show. Will lead HuangBei square commercial value ultra area boom.