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Carrefour in palm new high-rise from rag trade


On January 30, - as dispatches from foreign news agencies report, the world's second largest retailer Carrefour company (Carrefour) announced on Monday named georges, especially the purushas (GeorgesPlassat) for below next chairman and chief executive officer, this company incumbent chief executive LuoChengZhong (LarsOlofsson) will be in June a shareholders' meeting to resign.
According to the report, the purushas especially from April 2 carrefour as CEO, and on June 18, as the chairman and CEO, at the appointed time LuoChengZhong will resign.
Purusha) was born in 1949, and now as France Vivarte apparel group chief executive.
Purusha, will become the troubled retail giants in four years time change of the third world. Carrefour in Monday's statement emphasizes the special purusha facing huge challenges, the statement said: "the purushas, it is very clear that he faces the difficulty of the task, it will need the whole company up and down all the people support." But many experts and analysts think, carrefour problem has not a person's ability to be able to solve.
Since 2010, announced that investment of 1.5 billion euros ($2 billion), European part of the restructuring of large stores since, carrefour has five cut earnings expectations, purusha, after taking office will need to bear the burden of the reshape investor confidence. Since LuoChengZhong in January 2008 as CEO since, the market value of the carrefour has accumulated shrink 7 billion euros.
By the French native place market sales falling, carrefour profits appear contraction. Retail industry research institute PlanetRetail global research director's Natalie - (NatalieBerg) said that the price LuoCheng stores and reforming plans and failed to win enough customers. Berger said: "rather than into the wayward reorganization, will increase in spending money on such as take delivery of multi-channel function, the terminal and electronic business, will be more wise."