Sensertek was established in shenzhen, and Sensertek American began to cooperation, become involved in the earliest domestic retail loss prevention areas of the company.

Shenzhen Sensertek set up the office in wuhan, central China market development.

The company has sales breakthrough must; Clear company organization structure, establish five independent handle affairs department.

Central China area EAS market share of more than 70%, supermarket cooperation quantity break through 500.

In wuhan as the core, formally established) science and technology first, and in the same year, wuhan municipal government was identified as "high-tech enterprises" and "the software enterprise", into work to achieve trade business activities mainly trade company to the transformation of science and technology enterprises, establish the focus on retail loss prevention field technology innovation development direction.

Independent research and development POSDOG cashier supervision and management system, and obtain a "POSDOG cashier supervision and management system" software product registration certificate and copyright.

POSDOG cashier supervision and management system in north China market promotion into work, the company take Beijing as the center to carry out comprehensive north area related business.

Through the SGS ISO9001 system authentication organization authentication, realize gauge FanHua management; Provide electronic security and protection system of integrated services, was named 2006 of China's retail business informatization hard a top services; Wuhan) was first security engineering co., LTD., independent undertake engineering services.

Become China chain-like management association member enterprise; In the industry is put forward first rate POSDOG cashier supervision and management system "real-time" version solutions, and the international retail sales giant to establish good relations of cooperation.

SIS retail put forward the idea of loss control platform to control loss comprehensive management development direction.

Own brand in and out of mouth part successful promotion to the national famous retail chain stores, the creation of TTGATE new brand; Constructing SIS retail control damage integrated management platform, which sells loss control system comprehensive solutions.

Complete the establishment of national after-sales service network
15 work place and branches
30 provincial city of market coverage
3000 the fact the customer
SIS retail control damage platform in China market in the successful application of sustainable development retail intelligence, integrated and efficient platform service.