This day, China's retail trade is developing very rapidly, and information system as the core of the retail enterprise system, one of its important position appears day by day. The industry informatization is in the age of reform, and constantly tend to mature and perfect, which provide service for line industry informatization of enterprise in the information process IT play a very important role in, they meet retail enterprise informationization demand at the same time, and in the leading industry informatization, they continuously explore in search for optimal joint China's retail enterprise local road.

In order to better meet the retail enterprise users understand IT enterprise's demand, strengthen retail enterprise and IT between enterprise's communication, better guide and promote the industry information and orderly development, explore the rapid development, the future growth good information IT enterprise, China retail web portal WTO Union at the end of 2005 grand launched "2006 China retail information IT service provider" selection.

This selection grasps "the science, authority, professional, justice, widely" selection principle, set up a total of eight large selection index, the score of index weights are as follows: enterprise 30% sales, retail enterprise customer satisfaction survey 30%, expert evaluation, online voting 10% 10%, the number of customer 5%, employees scale 5%, products and services covered area market range 5%, product line rich degree 5%

This selection from the strict sense, focuses not on the selection, more emphasis on is a retail information IT service provider statistical rankings, participate in the selection of IT enterprise's annual sales, the number of customer, product line, etc as reference index.

This selection got many IT enterprise positive corresponding, a total of 34 software enterprise filled with enterprise's annual sales, the number of customer, staff size and other basic situations, there are 14 home hardware services provided by the enterprise's annual sales, and other basic material.